Turn your Customers into Brand Advocates

Building customer loyalty is the cornerstone to any successful business. After all, isn’t customer retention more cost effective than acquiring new customers?

Great products or services isn’t enough anymore! Customer engagement is vital to your business as well. With the help of social media, you can encourage your customers to become brand loyal, and convert those loyal customers into brand advocates. Then, you will get yourself passionate and emotionally attached customers who promote your brand through their own free will. They are the frontline to helping your business achieve that ever-elusive “word of mouth” by bragging to their friends, family, and coworkers about your products or services. Turning your customers into brand advocates is, however, far easier said than done. Therefore, Share&Save is here to help you with Influential Marketing.

So why is brand advocacy so important? Here’s the fun fact! Brand Advocates are worth at least five times more than average customers. They repeatedly buy your products while advertising your products or services for free to their friends and family. Unlike old fashion one-on-one customer engagement which is costly and extremely time consuming, influential marketing saves you tons of money.

While nothing can guarantee creating that emotional connection to motivate your customers to talk about you, Share&Save can at least help to deliver the key actions of what businesses need from brand advocates: talk and recommend your product. With Share&Save installed on your site, customers will have the option to check out and pay full price OR click “Share&Save” to receive a discount (that you set and manage) in exchange for posting about your product on Facebook. With customizable post options, they are giving their genuine personal endorsement to all of their friends regarding your business. And since we tend to be friends with like-minded individuals, your business is being broadcasted to potentially hot leads who will also in turn have the sales incentive to “Share&Save”.

After all, if someone recommends your brand on Facebook, it’s public for all to see which is great for any business. Since Share&Save is incentivizing your average customer to post or tweet about your product on social media, you are essentially turning them into a brand advocate while closing a sale!

How do you feel your current brand advocacy works? Have any success stories you’d like to share? If you have any questions, please contact us at info@212website.com or +1-212-932-7483.

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