Q: Why is Regulation Fair Disclosure important?
A: Regulation Fair Disclosure important sets the parameters for how a public company can disseminate
public information. It also structures the compliance issues with the timing and release of information.

Q: Other than press releases why be concerned with this matter?
A: By understanding Regulation Fair Disclosure important a public company can make efficient use of
their website and save exceptional amounts of capital on their public relations budgets.

Q: Why is important to “brand our ticker?”
A: The majority of Public companies have focused their branding to their corporate image, products and
or services. The missing component is full synergistic blending of their corporate image with their image
as a publicly traded company. This is especially true for small cap and micro-cap companies.

Q: Does our web presence affect our share price?
A: Most definitely the web presence can be maximized to greatly enhance a publicly traded company’s
shareholder development.

Q: Is this separate from our IR campaigns or should it be integrated into our IR?
A: It should be a fully functional integration which is controlled by the company and not by an IR firm.

Q: Does iGenii Inc. provide services that increase our functionality in this medium?
A: Yes, our services are structured to help our clients maximize their public relations, investor relations
and fully brand their ticker.

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