Share&Save Responsive Design Friendly

Traditional marketing is increasingly obsolete. Social media is shaping the way businesses do marketing. Because a social media page is essentially a store front, any marketing plan for your business needs to take into account the users’ experience with how they interact or discover your product or service.

Facebook (the king of social media) recently revealed last August that 78% of users in the US are mobile users.

This whopping figure is a sign that your business needs to adapt quickly to how your customer finds you. This is why Share&Save is prepared to help your business as we are proud to be Responsive Design Friendly.

Share&Save works across all devices and platforms for the ease of use and access in addition to potentially boosting your sales with the incentives program and improving your Graph Search results and your sites SEO. Does your customer use a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone? No problem! No matter what the device your customers use, they will still be able to use Share&Save by logging into and posting to the social media accounts of their choosing and spread the name of your brand to their friends. Simple as that!

Share&Save can help you in two ways in regards to responsive design. For starters, once Share&Save is live on your store, it can be accessed by a customer via their PC, phone or tablet. Second, once they share it on their accounts, they are broadcasting it to their social media. This will potentially create a viral word-of-mouth effect where friends of your customer can become your new customers who continue to share your business.

Interested and want to know more? Contact us at or +1-212-932-7483 to get more info. In addition, if you need help to make your website responsive design friendly, call us at +1-212-932-7483, and we would be more than happy to help you!

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