Rank higher on search engines
With FULL Service SEO

Our team of experts will develop and execute your campaign to improve you SEO rankings on the most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Work with a dedicated SEO expert

    Your dedicated SEO expert will regularly review the progress of your campaign and make the necessary changes to get positive results.

  • Site fix

    To better your results your expert will review your site to make appropriate changes to the code and content in order to increase search engine readability

  • Link building

    Relevant links to your sites will be created so that search engines can find and rank your website

  • Real results

    Receive monthly progress reports for up to date information on your campaign. The reports are easy to read and your expert is always available to answer your questions.

We manage the following key areas:

Repair broken code

Search engine spiders read websites like a book; missing or incorrect tags or codes means they aren’t getting the entire story and this may negatively impact your website rankings. Our experts are trained to analyze and notice where the problems are to increase chances of high rankings.

Content optimization

Website content must be shared by humans and search engine spiders. Your SEO expert will review your website content to ensure optimal and accurate keyword placement perfect for a human audience but highly relevant to search engines.

Build links

Relevant links that lead back to your website increase its importance with search engines. Our experts will ensure that relevant sites link back to you.

Tracking and reporting

Monthly reports are provided for your review and your expert is always on hand to answer your questions or make suggestions on your campaign.


One of our popular services here at iGenii include SEO also known as, Search Engine Optimization. S.E.O. places you one step ahead of many other websites. Every month with this service puts your website closer to Googles number 1 page. Thus increasing your website traffic, brand awareness and sales. More online traffic equals more business.

We obtain this slot on Googles earlier pages by working our SEO experts and our team of journalists to create positive content promoting your brand. As more positive articles and videos are posted about your business, the more potential customers see it and the higher up your site moves on Google. This is referred to as link building, this allows search engine’s to find and rank your website easier.

At iGenii we believe in working with your clients and therefore in addition to the SEO services you receive a monthly progress report of the effects of our services on your website. We also have a help desk that is available to answer any of your calls regarding our services or if one needs the progress report explained.

Our team of SEO experts will also always be reviewing your site to make any appropriate changes necessary to increase search engine readability. Our S.E.O. services give your business the competitive advantage that it needs.

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