SMTP Authentication

When setting up POP3 account(s) in your e-mail software, you will need to enable SMTP authentication if you choose to use your hosting account for sending mail (instead of using your ISP's mail server).

The SMTP authorization login name / password is the same as your POP3 account login name / password.

How to do this varies by e-mail client.  In MS Outlook: Tools, Accounts, select the account and click Properties.  Then, under the Servers tab, check "My server requires authentication."

Please consult with your e-mail software's manual for further instruction.

Setting a Catch-All Address 

When The server receives e-mail to addresses that don't exist, it has to do something with those messages.  The control panel gives you three options:

1. Server deletes message and notifies sender that the address doesn't exist.

2. Server deletes message without notifying sender.

3. Server forwards the message to a valid e-mail address.

To choose between these options, first access the "E-Mail Menu" from the control panel.  Then, click the "Catch-All E-Mail" icon.  You will see a box that looks like this:

Choose the desired option and click "Update." 

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